Daily Routines

What’s your « Perfect Day » ?

As an experiment for one of the chapters in my upcoming book, I’m trying to define what a « perfect day » would look like.
I’m doing this from a very different perspective than most personal development courses do offer on the topic.
Most courses I’ve attended have you do an « ideal day » exercise where you describe on paper a perfect life from waking up to going to bed :
at what time you wake up, where you are, what the house looks like, who you’re with, what you say, etc etc.
It’s an interesting thought experiment but it’s more of a « Law of Attraction »/passive life design exercise.
My theory is that a « perfect day » is not made from a « perfect scenario » played out from sunrise to sunset – but rather from a series of (mostly short, mostly mundane) rituals that, if performed over weeks, months, or years, produce a fantastic quality of life.
I also believe that most of those rituals/habits can be performed at any point in the day – not in a fixed scenario, which allows for a very flexible Perfect Day, as long as there’s a little bit of planning around obstacles, like flying, attending conferences, etc.
(e.g. « If i could dance 6 minutes (two songs) every single day of my life, I can’t imagine how much joy and happiness that would add to my quality of life. »)
So here’s the current list I’m striving to achieve every day :
  • Sleep at least 8 hours
  • Meditate before getting up – 20 min
  • Make my bed
  • Bulletproof coffee
  • Abs 10 min.
  • Sprint n.1 work : 50min
  • Dancing 3 min.
  • Sprint n.2 work : 50min
  • Dancing 3 min.
  • green juice
  • Act of kindness to a stranger
  • Artistic expression (15 min) , design or guitar
  • Planning surprise or artistic project (5 min)
  • Walking in the open 5 min
  • Moment shared with my wife 45 min.
  • Muscu or 25 min HIIT
  • Keep a Journal 5 min.
  • Expressing gratitude to someone / friend or family call 15 min.
  • Read 15 min.
  • Meditate 20 minutes . at bedtime